Exeter, RI, is a peaceful and rural town located in Washington County, known for its scenic landscapes, close-knit community, and historical significance. With its sprawling farmland, picturesque countryside, and quiet charm, Exeter offers residents a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The town's historic village centers, such as Exeter Four Corners and Yawgoo Valley, showcase colonial architecture and local shops, creating a sense of timeless charm. Exeter's commitment to preserving its natural beauty is reflected in its conservation efforts, parks, and hiking trails, such as Arcadia Management Area and Stepstone Falls.

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Why Exeter, RI is a Great Place to Live: Four Reasons

Rural Charm and Natural Beauty
Exeter is characterized by its rural charm and scenic landscapes. The town is surrounded by picturesque countryside, rolling hills, and serene forests. Residents can enjoy hiking, nature walks, and outdoor activities in areas like Arcadia Management Area, which offers miles of trails and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation.
Small-Town Atmosphere
Exeter maintains a small-town atmosphere that fosters a close-knit community. With a smaller population, residents often know their neighbors and feel a strong sense of belonging. Local events, town fairs, and community gatherings further enhance the town's welcoming and friendly environment.
Access to Outdoor Recreation
Exeter is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its natural beauty, the town offers recreational activities like fishing, camping, and horseback riding. The Arcadia Management Area is particularly popular for its diverse outdoor opportunities, making it a paradise for those who appreciate nature and outdoor adventures.
Strong Commitment to Preservation
Exeter has a strong commitment to preserving its natural landscapes and historic sites. This dedication ensures that the town maintains its scenic beauty and historical character. Residents can explore historic landmarks, old farms, and well-preserved buildings that contribute to the town's unique identity.