Arlington, Massachusetts: A Quaint and Historic Suburb with Modern Amenities

Arlington, Massachusetts, is a town located just six miles northwest of Boston. The town is bordered by Winchester to the north, Medford and Somerville to the east, Cambridge and Belmont to the south, and Lexington to the west. Arlington is known for its historic charm, diverse population, and excellent school system. In this article, we will delve into the details of Arlington's location, elevation, area, infrastructure, transportation, and education.

Arlington is situated in latitude 42 degrees 25 minutes north and longitude 71 degrees 09 minutes west. Its proximity to Boston makes it an ideal location for those who work or study in the city but prefer to live in a quieter, more suburban setting.

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The elevation of Arlington ranges from a low of 4 feet to a high of 377 feet above mean tide. Notable elevations include 10 feet at Mass. Ave. and the Cambridge line, 48 feet at Mass. Ave. and Pleasant Street, 155 feet at Mass. Ave. and Park Avenue, 281 feet at Crescent Hill Avenue and Park Place, and 377 feet at Park Circle and Eastern Avenue. The town's varied terrain offers scenic views and hiking opportunities.

Arlington covers 3,517.5 acres, or 5.5 square miles, of which 286.2 acres are covered by water. The town is home to 158.27 acres of parkland owned by the town and 52.25 acres under the control of the Metropolitan District Commission. Just over 59 acres of the land area are devoted to cemeteries. The town's diverse geography and natural beauty make it an attractive place to live and visit.

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Arlington boasts a well-developed infrastructure with 95.27 miles of public streets and town ways, 24.36 miles of private streets open for travel, 6.11 miles of state highways and parkways, and 3.24 miles of paper streets. The permanent water system consists of 131.43 miles, and the sewer system consists of 117.37 miles. The town's storm drain system spans 77.37 miles, and the town maintains 3,698 catch basins. Arlington also has 104.09 miles of permanent sidewalks and 92.31 miles of curbing, providing safe and convenient pedestrian access throughout the town.

Arlington's location makes it easily accessible by major transportation routes. The town is bounded on the south by Route 2, a major transportation route allowing access to Boston and the western part of Massachusetts. Arlington is also a short distance from Interstate 93 and 95. Other major routes that go through the town are Routes 2A and 3. Public transportation is provided through the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), which services the Greater Boston area with bus service and a subway system. The closest access to the subway system is through the Alewife Station located just over the Arlington border in Cambridge.

The Town of Arlington operates an excellent school system with seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and Arlington High School. The elementary schools are Bishop School, Brackett School, Dallin School, Hardy School, Peirce School, Stratton School, and Thompson School. Middle schools include Ottoson Middle School and Gibbs School. Arlington High School is located at 869 Mass. Ave. The town's commitment to education and strong schools make it an attractive place for families.

Discover the Benefits of Living in Arlington, MA: Four Reasons Why

Great Location
Arlington is located just six miles northwest of Boston, making it an ideal location for commuters who work in the city. Additionally, the town is located near major highways and public transportation, making it easy to travel to other parts of Massachusetts.
Strong Sense of Community
Arlington is known for its strong sense of community. It has a tight-knit community that is committed to supporting each other. The town also hosts several community events throughout the year, such as the Arlington International Film Festival and the Arlington Porchfest.
Excellent Schools
Arlington has an excellent public school system, with several top-rated schools in the area. Arlington High School and Ottoson Middle School are some of the best schools in the town.
Access to Recreational Activities
Arlington has several parks, hiking trails, and recreational facilities that offer a variety of activities for residents to enjoy. The Minuteman Bikeway, for example, is a popular destination for cyclists, while the Spy Pond Park is a great spot for fishing and kayaking. Additionally, the town has several community centers that offer programs and activities for people of all ages.