Discover seamless home preparation and financing solutions through APEX Concierge Services.

When you're ready to move forward with your life, but your home is holding you back, that's where APEX Concierge Services comes in. Our exclusive APEX Concierge program offers you value at every stage of the home buying and selling process, with a unique suite of services available to you.

APEX Concierge Services include professional staging and design, high-impact cosmetic upgrades, major renovations, landscaping, packing and moving, temporary housing, plus financial assistance options offering you one step closer to your dream home.

APEX Forward enables you to unlock your home equity so you can make a strong, non-contingent offer on your next home before you sell your current house. Forward also allows you to avoid living through renovations, showings, and the uncertainty of a traditional sales process.

With APEX Forward, you can move at your own pace with peace of mind.

APEX Forward

We buy your home, allowing you to unlock your equity and buy a new home before this one is sold
No more contingent offers
No double moves or mortgages
No credit applications, monthly payments or fixed maturity date
Avoid living through renovations & showings
We prepare your home for sale and maximize value - you keep all the upside

Obtain maximum results with minimal effort. Let prospective buyers see themselves in your home through simple professional staging and design. Our concierge team will help present your home in its best light. Staged homes spend 87% less time on the market, and our licensed and insured home staging professionals have the local expertise to transform your home into a space that buyers can envision as their own.

A selection of services available include:

Professional Staging
Window Treatments

From major renovation projects to a simple coat of fresh paint, your personal project coordinator will advise what is needed to elevate your home's value so it stands out and shines once it hits the market. The curated team of design professionals is trained to see what changes are needed to elevate your home, inside and out, with no cash out of your pocket until it’s sold.

A selection of home renovation services available include:

New Flooring
New Countertops
Kitchen and Bath Improvements
Updated HVAC and Plumbing
Roofing Repairs

The exterior of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see. Ensure your home makes the strongest first impression. Our suite of landscaping services offers everything to make your property look its best. Entice prospective buyers to step inside with superior curb appeal.

A selection of home staging services available include:

Tree Trimming
Property Maintenance While the Home is on the Market
Patio, Deck, and Walkway Maintenance
Exterior Lighting

Our concierge team is with you every step of the way. Let us simplify the moving process with our team of professionals. We offer customized services to meet your every need with efficiency and ease. From packing to moving and settling-in, and services including utility set-up, mail forwarding, home security and more, our professionals have the expertise to handle all of the details for you, so you can get back to your life.

APEX Concierge Services offers you value at every stage of the home selling or buying process. APEX services include financing options, home improvements, and moving services. Whether you are buying or selling, our team will manage the process for you. My goal is to make your transition experience as seamless as possible while alleviating the burden of coordinating construction and vendors. Clients who utilize the APEX Concierge program sell their homes for 6.4% more and twice as fast as the broader market. All costs are deferred until closing or an agreed-upon term.

The Fine Print.

APEX Concierge Services are available to home sellers and buyers who have a signed contract with me. The design team, contractors, and home stagers offer fair costs, and payments are deferred until your home closes escrow. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these services available?
Currently, this platform is available in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire markets.
How does APEX Forward work?
Zoom Casa acquires your property for an initial payment of up to 75% of the current value of your home, unlocking the majority of your equity and enabling you to pay off any mortgages. Once you move out, Zoom Casa prepares your home for sale with our expert designers and a proprietary vendor platform. Zoom Casa resells your home for top dollar and you keep all the upside.
What is the process for upgrades and renovations?
Once you sign a listing agreement with me, notify me that you are interested in these services. I will put you in touch with a designer who will conduct a professional consultation to curate the right scope to help your listing perform.
Are there restrictions on eligibility based on price?
No, APEX Concierge Services serves all property types at all price points. Properties with values less than $150,000 or more than $3,000,000 are eligible, but may be subject to custom terms.
Are there any types of properties which don’t qualify for this program?
Yes, this platform is not available for use on (a) spec properties or developments, (b) homes that are currently in foreclosure, (c) homes owned by sellers currently in bankruptcy.
How do I get started?
You may either fill out the contact form on my website or notify me that you are interested in APEX Concierge Services and I will put you in a touch with a representative from Zoom Casa to discuss your options.

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