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Monday, November 20, 2017

Realtor Work-Life Balance Tips for the Holidays

The kids are out of school, the invitations to ugly sweater parties are rolling in, and you’re still scheduling appointments with the client who must be in a new house by the end of the year. Your work schedule as a Realtor is never conventional, and around the holidays, it can be especially challenging to balance your responsibilities with your personal life.

Fortunately, we’ve got five tips to bring more balance to your holiday season.

Bring Some Holiday Cheer to Your Workday

Even if you’re working right up to the holidays, you can still find little ways to boost your mood (and the mood of everyone around you). If you work at a brokerage, bring your favorite holiday dessert to share with your co-workers. (You could also bring this dessert to a home seller client to make their next showing extra festive.) When you’re working at your desk, put on your headphones and play some holiday music. Stop by your favorite coffee shop after a showing and treat yourself to a peppermint latte.

Make the Ultimate To-Do List

Make a couple of to-do lists—one for work and one for your personal life—to carry you through the end of the year. Create separate columns on each list for “must do” and “want to do” activities. Get started on as many of the “must do” activities as you can before the holidays so that you’ll have time for the “want to do” activities as the year winds down. Keeping all your tasks organized like this will help you sort out your priorities and keep your work manageable.

Block Off Time for Family Activities

Winter tends to be a slower time of year in the real estate industry, but you may still have clients who need to schedule appointments in the evenings or on the weekends due to their work schedules. To avoid giving up too much of your personal time, block off certain weekend and evening hours for clients and other hours for your family. Be firm about your boundaries, and don’t schedule appointments with clients during your family time. You may even want to turn off your phone during your time with your family so that you can be fully present.

Take Advantage of Your Flexible Schedule

One nice thing about working a non-traditional schedule is that you may find yourself with some personal time while other people are at the office. Take advantage of this flexible schedule during the holiday season. If your kids are on Winter Break, plan some activities to do together during the middle of the week. And if you’re planning to do some in-store gift shopping, go during non-peak hours so that you can avoid the worst of the holiday crowds.

Take a Break

If you can afford to, take a week or two of vacation around the holidays so that you can fully disconnect from work. Even if you’re not traveling anywhere, you’ll get more time to spend with your family at home during the holiday season. You may also want to plan some day trips or holiday excursions in town to help you unwind. You’ve worked hard all year and deserve the time to do something for yourself.

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