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Monday, February 27, 2017

7 Low-Maintenance Plants to Boost Your Curb Appeal

A well-tended garden in your front yard can be a great way to improve your curb appeal, especially if you're getting ready to put your home on the market or thinking of selling your home in the next few years. But even the novice gardener knows that plants require constant attention and care. Many species of plants are particularly finicky, especially the most luxuriantly gorgeous blooms and grasses, but we’ve sifted through the high-maintenance plants to show you nine plants that can boost the outer beauty of you home without pulling you away from your busy lifestyle.

Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush grows tall and produces thick, cone-shaped blooms with deep color. They bloom in the spring and summer and can attract butterflies and insects beneficial to your lawn’s ecosystem.

Plant these bushes in full sun or partly shaded areas with well-drained soil. If you plant them in soil that remains wet for a long time, they are likely to rot. As long as you plant them in quality soil, they do not need fertilizer.

You should water butterfly bushes slowly and deeply whenever dry spells occur, but you can mostly leave it to the rain to help them grow. You’ll have to remove flower clusters that have died as soon as possible to avoid dispersion of weeds.


Forsythia bushes are extremely fast-growing, yellow-leaf bushes that expand one to two feet per year. They bloom in early spring and stay bright yellow as long as the weather stays warm.

You can plant forsythia from cuttings of new growth. Cut a branch anywhere between three and six inches, and place the cut end into moist soil. The bush should root in only a few weeks, after which growth begins.

Forsythia grows with little to no care in full sun or partial shade as long as they have well-drained soil. You need only to water them during dry periods. High-phosphorous fertilizer makes blooms brighter and larger.

Hedge Lavender

Hedge lavender blossoms as thick tufts of green stems topped by indigo florets. Their flowering season is extra long and they grow well in cool coastal or mountain climates. Begin growing them in open sunny areas with good soil drainage. They naturally fight pests and plant diseases and are tolerant of drought as well as predation by deer.


Hosta is a thick-leaf green shrub with varying coloration that grows heartily among similar shrubs and grasses. Lighter-foliage hosta thrives in more sun, but darker leaves crave more shade. Plant them according to their leaf color. All hostas require at least some level of shade. It takes them four to eight years to fully mature, but they call for little maintenance after maturation.

Indian Hawthorn

Indian hawthorn is an evergreen plant that stays green well after its pink blooms have fallen. As long as your winters aren’t too harsh, this plant will survive to bloom every year. You can plant them close together to create miniature hedges, or plant them in rows to make custom-shaped barriers or dividers. They grow best in full sun, but will still grow in partial shade.


Coreopsis is a brightly colored flower with a rich green stem that grows in a variety of heights. They resemble daisies when fully grown, and their blooms range from yellow to red.

Plant these flowers under full sun in natural soil. They will start growing in spring if you mist the seeds and water the germinating plants. Maintenance includes only watering during extreme drought and occasional trimming.


Sedums, also known as stonecrops, are among the hardiest of the plants on this list. They grow short and wide and can produce flowers of many different colors. They work best as spot-fillers for empty areas, such as open spaces between stonework or soil patches. They creep across fertile areas and provide color and interest with almost no maintenance at all.

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